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Not long ago, an image of the Jatukarm Amulet was laser tagged onto a building in Bangkok, in order for the holy deity to bring luck and good fortune to the entire city. Painter theorized that the return of such a retrograde view of femininity, or at least its trappings (not just aprons but cupcakes, casseroles and canning, the three Cs of good housekeeping) has to do with the current economic troubles.

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Very few have made it to the top alone. You certainly have a gift. So how many old cell phones and computers, have you got taking up shelf space. The Greater Depression has hit most of us hard, so the fact that people have continued to be generous is both moving and gratifying for me and for Dymphna. Vinegar is a magic helper. It began innocently enough.

Consequently, the variability unique to each individual asset has a greatly reduced impact on the variability of the portfolio as a whole.

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